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I'm an artist just trying to post and share his art around.
I like to draw ladies and the Furries in my spare time; Mostly specialize in Shortstacks and Monster Girls as they tend to be my favorite things to draw.

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Posted by TheGrumpiestPanda - August 6th, 2019

I mean, Tumblr is dead.

DeviantART is a hellhole of children that steal art.

FurAffinity is gross.

InkBunny is worse than FA.

And now Twitter is shadow banning people out of the search results completely.

Like, holy shit, is drawing naked women and titty a fucking crime now?

I can't wait for this prude era of hyper sensitivity to finally die.

I mean, I can understand not being a dick to random people online, but at the same time I don't want to have to constantly walking on eggshells all the goddamn time...

Ugh, rant over.

Guess we better all start getting use to Newgrounds, because I don't think Twitter is going to last much longer at this rate.


Posted by TheGrumpiestPanda - March 27th, 2019

Huh, seems like I got past 50 followers on Newgrounds somehow.

That's neat I suppose.

Been on here for a bit and it doesn't practically seem like my artwork does very well here.

I thought that this massive Tumblr exodus would have bore a bit more fruit.

I know it's probably because I'm not drawing super lewd shit, or taking commission from whoever slaps money in my face.

But knowing how I don't like dealing with these kinds of people, that's not a road I want to go back down again.

Seems like Newgrounds hasn't changed all that much since I was a teenager if porn still reign supreme on this site.

Well, whatever I guess.

I suppose I'll keep posting here anyway.



Posted by TheGrumpiestPanda - December 21st, 2018

Well, that took like a full week, but I finally managed to upload more of my current artwork from last year to the end of this year.
Going to be honest, my time on Newgrounds has been rather decent.
I was expecting to get bum rushed by edgelords prising Shadman as their God King, and downvoting anything that isn't his artwork.
But luckly for me it seem like Newgrounds actually grew up since I last seriously used this site.
And gaining 30 fans in one week isn't a bad trade off for Tumblr going nuclear.

Perhaps Newgrounds will be a good investment after all.


Posted by TheGrumpiestPanda - December 14th, 2018

Well, after thinking it over for a while now, I've made the decition to make an Newgrounds account and started posting here as well.
Tumblr is dying so I moved to Twitter and I like it, but I need to spread my art out just a little bit more.
I quickly found out that sticking to one site isn't a good idea anymore, so I best get use to posting everywhere I suppose.
I'll be uploading my art slowly over here, and hopefully people will like my art and the effort I put into it.