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I'm an artist just trying to post and share his art around.
I like to draw ladies and the Furries in my spare time; Mostly specialize in Shortstacks and Monster Girls as they tend to be my favorite things to draw.

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Sure do love this feeling Inadequacy in Art.

Posted by TheGrumpiestPanda - 11 days ago

Oh boy, Panda has been stewing in his raw emotions again.
Time for a fucking pipe bomb of a rant!
I'm going to just kinda spitball here but I'm going to say it.
I kinda hate how much of a fucking popularity contest the world of artists tends to boil down to.
It always seems like you have to be following some list of shitty trends monthly in order just to get anywhere out there.
People simply can't just like an artist and their art anymore.
"When are you going to draw this new trend?" "Are you going to draw this because "Instead Popular Artist Here" did it?"
Just a never ending cycle of circle jerking that if you don't fall into the swirling cog then no one seems to care.
When did it get like this?
I kinda still remember when you could just post your art and people would like it.
But no, it's not like that anymore, an artist has to be like a cockroach and just leave their presences everywhere they can branch out to.
Never really having a "true home" and just doing it because it's now the expected norm.
Maybe it's my fault for waiting too long on my log that is DA.
Sure I move to Tumblr for a 2nd "home" and it was fun, but then the ship sank, and I was forced to flee like everyone else.
I set up shop to Twitter and Newgrounds but I quickly realized something.
Both of those sites move really fast, almost too fast for my liking.
And of course they are following trends, especially Twitter; and it seems like that's the only thing it cares about.
Newgrounds while accepting to the new wave of artists is still very popularity driven, and mainly is also very "Old Internet" is still follows those rules.
I know that I'm new to both of those sites, but they still don't seem very friendly to new comers, especially nobodies.
Especially to slower paced artists like me who can't pump out material at the pace Twitter and Newgrounds demands in order to "stay relevant".
And to me that's not fair how those sites just expect artists to always be making something for the sake for getting their content seen for a fucking algorithm.
I know I shouldn't care about this, and I know that "Rome wasn't built in a day".
You have to build up anything of value and worth, eventually you'll find your fanbase if you keep going.
I get that 100%.
...But to me at least, it just seems so damn hard on these new sites I'm on...
I always feel like I'm "Doing something wrong" on Twitter and NG.
I'm sure as shit not going to follow trends that I couldn't give a fuck about, like that now dead TwitterFur trend; yet at the same time it's all the furries wanted to see at that point in time.
It always ends up with me having to retweet my own art in the chances so maybe having newer fans to see my art, or in attempt to get some of my closer friends with high follower counts to retweet it.
It sucks that retweets are so hard to get, and it seems just random with what will blow up and what will get ignored.
And for Newgrounds...
Well, to me, it seems they like the old legends and that's about it.
I just don't know anymore, feels like my good isn't good enough for sites like Twitter and Newgrounds.
I'm not going to stop going and of course I love what I'm drawing.
Yet, I can't shake this feeling like I'm just throwing stuff at Twitter and NG, wanting them to stick, but only to fall off.
Well, that's what I was "sitting on".
I could go on but I don't want to ramble.
I know most of you aren't going to read all of this, and even fewer of you are going to respond to this.
But, that's just my thoughts on "the art world" today.
Just trends... It's always just fucking trends...